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Schoolof Public Administration, Southwest Jiaotong University(Chengdu Sichuan)

The School of Public Administration (SPA) at Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) currently recruits accredited professors and senior researchers. There are 10 positions are available and open to overseas applicants.

The applicant should have relevant background in the fields of public administration (including administration, public affairs, social security/welfare, educational economics, public economy, urban administration, public project organization and administration, and so on), politics, sociology, economics, regional economics, and philosophy.

1Full Time Positions

Outstanding talents



Outstanding talents under the Ten-Thousand Talents Program

CAS members


Winner of Recruitment Program of Global Experts (1000 Talents Program)

SWJTU provides attractive salary and welfare, in addition to 1 MYuan from the Central Government and a same amount by the Sichuan Province.

A winner will be named Chair Professor, or Distinguished Professor

Winner of the national science foundation for distinguished young scholars

Leading and young talents under the Ten-Thousand Talents Program

Senior professors and researchers from domestic/oversea prominent universities


300 – 400 kYuan/year for Chair Professor,

200 – 250 kYuan/year for Distinguished Professor.

For other details, see the documents:Implementation of Chair Professor Plan of SWJTUandImplementation of Distinguished Professor Plan of SWJTU



Benefit (kYuan)

A doctoral degree holder

Under 50 years old

An assistant professor and higher personnel (or other equivalent) in famous foreign universities or research institutes

An applicant will be a strong competitor if he/she has a doctoral degree of a famous overseas university or more than 2 years overseas work experience

Initiative research fund:

100 - 200

Settling-in allowance:


HHousing subsidy: 1150 - 300

Associate Professors


Benefit (kYuan)

A doctoral degree holder

Under 45 years old

A researcher (or a post doctor) in famous foreign universities or research institutes, or an outstanding PhD candidate

An applicant will be a strong competitor if he/she has a doctoral degree of a famous overseas university or more than 2 years overseas work experience

Iitiative research fund:

50 – 100

Settling-in allowance:


HHousing subsidy:

0 - 150

Notice: For a full time positions, salary and welfare are as same as the other faculties with the same position in SWJTU. Otherwise an annual salary system is available based on a negotiated contract according to the applicant’s wish.

2 Part Time Positions

(1) The applicant should have (had) an assistant professor or higher title of a famous university, or other similar title.

(2) Duration of the contract is 1-3 years, and he/she works for 2 months every year.

(3) His/her main responsibility is to help SPA faculty to apply for research funds and awards from national or provincial governments, and to publish papers, books with SPA as his/her affiliation.

(4) SWJTU will pay allowance of ¥3,000-5,000 monthly according to amount of work done.

(5) SPA will cover round-trip transportation expenses.

3Regular Faculty Positions

The applicant should have a PhD from famous universities, be under 35 (PhD graduate) or 40 (post-doctor) years old. SWJTU will provide settling-in allowance and rental housing subsidies.

4 Overseas Dean

This is a special part-time position. An overseas dean is in charge of foreign affairs, and report to the dean of SPA.

In principle, "Overseas Dean" should hold a post of the equivalent of professorships as experts and scholars in famous universities and research institutions abroad, and have important academic influence and high visibility in the relevant subject areas. Meanwhile, domestic development of the discipline must be familiar to overseas dean and need to keep a regular contact with mainstream academic counterparts. To fulfill their duties, organizational leadership and coordination ability is required. Way of contract management. In duration of employment, working time in school is a month in total annually, as principle.

Main work for overseas dean:

A, Making full use of channels and overseas resources, recruit high-level talents and outstanding doctoral students from the well-known overseas universities or research institutions of related subject areas for college.

B, Actively, build platform to carry out various cooperation or joint educational exchange with overseas colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprises, and other meetings, forums, visits, etc. for overseas cooperation and exchange.

C, Help to organize key teachers go for cooperation and exchange with overseas universities, research institutions and enterprises, or some joint research, etc.

D, Inviting overseas scholars come to our school hold seminars and lectures periodically. Help college to host international conferences and so on.

School will offer overseas dean with basic salary of ¥180,000 pre-tax, annually by the University. The university may increase the annual salary further, which depends on work performance as overseas dean. What’s more, housing and working conditions for overseas Dean is provided by school. Every year,¥50,000 of International travel expenses, which due to the work, be covered by school.

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