Dean’s Address

World’s economy undergoes development with adjustment and differences, so the management of public affairs highlights the interdependence of different countries and regions and the opportunities and challenges brought by interests adjustment. Naturally, government, public organizations, universities, enterprise and multi-collaboration of citizen become the basic trend of public management .

Justice, Cooperation, Extensive, Practice is the core educational philosophy of the School of Public Administration, Southwest Jiaotong University. Vulnerable groups should be paid attention out of righteousness of driven by justice and development can be achieved by cooperation; Teachers and students are advocated to open mind, explore extensive knowledge, and apply what have been learned. SPA is positioned to build distinctive "Research Institute with Applicable Contribution". The distinctiveness relies on the combination of public management and engineering disciplines. The application is featured with the combining of academic training and operational training and the profound cultural background of SPA is prominent due to the combining of academic research and public policy.

SPA is committed to have extensive cooperation with international public administration institutions, universities and the business community, on the international communication platform of international interaction and knowledge sharing with educators, academic scholars, teacher, and students, promoting the new developments of the cause of public administration in the 21st century.

I sincerely invite you to China, and welcome you to the School of Public Administration, Southwest Jiaotong University; and doctoral students and teachers overseas are welcome to join our team!